3.7 AI in Pop Culture

Timeline as an Introduction

Depiction of Artificial Intelligence in Pop Culture

Research Comms Podcast: Interview with AI expert, Dr Kanta Dihal

Either listen to the podcast or read it.

Pop Culture and AI: How Media Is Reshaping Public Perceptions

Extract from a Book: „Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?“

In the following, you will analyze an excerpt from Philip K. Dick’s dystopian novel „Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?“ as an example (1968), which is the literary model for the movie „Blade Runner“ (1982). In it, the protagonist and policeman Rick Deckard subject the (supposed) android Luba Luft, who works as an opera singer, to a test that is supposed to distinguish between humans and androids.

Narratives of Utopia and Dystopia

Film analysis based on a dystopia

Watch the following film clip and then do the post-evalution.


Please answer the questions for the synchronous lesson

  1. How does AUTO control people? And how does WALL-E manage to defeat AUTO at the end?
  2. How do autocractic states control their citizens with AI these days? Give examples.
  3. How can democracies make sure their citizens are not denied privacy and independent access of information using AI?
  4. Do you think democratic societies are likely to use more AI in the future to monitor their citizens?
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