Welcome to Module 1 „Intercultural + MINT I“!
The topic „Intercultural Communication“ is very complex and in our opinion can only be learned and experienced to a limited extent in self-study. Therefore, the module is not designed as a self-study course and only parts of the module can be published on this page. To avoid culturalization or bias, it is essential to offer synchronous meetings (online or face-to-face) to allow exchange, self-reflection, simulations, and critical discussion of theories and models. Module 1 is also designed as a „pre-arrival module“, i.e. part of the module is completed before arrival in Germany at the university of origin, part after arrival at the German university.
The course materials posted here can be freely used in combination with synchronous elements.

Intercultural Competence + STEM I


Basic Module (Mandatory Module for International Students)

1.1 Introduction to Intercultural Communication and Basics of Cross-Cultural Competence

1.2 Perception and Dealing with Cross-Cultural Challenges, e. g. Stereotypes and Prejudices

1.3 University Cultures in Comparison

  • Forms of teaching and learning in home country and in Germany / intercultural sensitivity
  • Education system and STEM education at German universities, especially Heilbronn and Reutlingen
  • Peer learning and synchronous exchange on intercultural topics with international STEM students in later semesters

Duration: approx. 10 hours

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