1.3 University Cultures in Comparison

Students who come to Germany for a study program, either short-term or long-term, encounter not only cultural differences in their everyday lives but also the challenge of adapting to a university culture that may be new to them. They bring with them the imprints of prior schooling and subject culture, which can either benefit or hinder their success in studying in Germany. It is important to find out which learning and teaching culture prevails in Germany or the respective subject area. Additionally, the way of communication with fellow students and teaching staff may also be unfamiliar to them. To achieve academic success and social integration, it is important to become aware of one’s ideas or habits concerning learning and teaching. At the same time, obtaining information about the German higher education system or its culture(s) can be helpful. These topics are already explored in depth here, before arrival.

The Culture at the Universities of Origin


In our module, we would like to learn more about the university and student culture in Germany and at your universities of origin. We would like to share our personal experiences. Therefore, we ask you to create a short film (duration: approx. 5 minutes) with your mobile phone and share it with us before our third meeting.

Here you find the work assignment for the short film.

Introduction to the Two Universities Involved in MINT³

Watch the following videos about the two universities involved in the MINT³ project to get a first impression of what to expect.

University of Applied Sciences (Heilbronn)

Insights into Reutlingen University (Reutlingen)

German University System

Source: The presentations were made by Marie Kanli.

Questions for Reflection

When you think about your upcoming stay in Germany, what are you looking forward to? What challenges do you see?
What questions do you have about Germany / German university culture?
What are your plans for your stay in Germany?
Who can support you in your plans?

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