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STEM + Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Elective Options: 1) Introductory course „AI Campus Data and Algorithm Ethics“ in German OR 2) „Fundamental Questions on AI“ in Englisch Duration: approx. 15 hours

3.1 Why AI and Ethics?

Before you start working on the modules you need to sign up for two courses on a different website. The courses are free of charge and data protection compliant. The registration is necessary so that all of the links to videos and exercises of our course work out. First, you will have to register with […]

3.3 Foundations of Machine Learning, Data & Algorithms

Definitions of Machine Learning, Data & Algorithms What is an Algorithm? Watch the following video about algorithms. What is Machine Learning? Watch the following video about machine learning. Please answer the following questions. Machine Learning from Data Read the two newspaper articles and anwer the following questions. How could the problem have been solved differently?

3.4 Basics of Ethics

Watch the following video on the three types of ethics. Deontology Consequentialism Virtue Ethics The Trolley Problem Watch the following video and answer the post-evaluation question. Post-Evaluation Basis for synchronous lesson How would you decide and why? Moral Machine Find out how you decide on moral dilemmas compared to others. Start by clicking on „Start […]

3.5 Data and Algorithm Ethics

Basic Terms of Data Ethics Test your prior knowledge of basic terms about data ethics here. Ethics Quiz: Who should decide? Terminology: Data and Algorithm Ethics Watch the following video as an introduction to data ethics. Multiple Choice Data Problems How bad data keeps us from good AI Watch the following from minute 5:38 on. […]

3.6 Ethical Principles and Governance

Overview: Different ethical Principles Interview with Catelijne Muller about the ethical principles of the EU Watch the following video from minute 1:04 on. (Course: Daten- und Algorithmenethik, Episode 4) Pocket Game: Self-Reflection of Ethical Principles Interactive Book Trustworthy AI Watch the following two videos an do the quiz. starting from minute 0:14 (Course: Daten- und […]

3.7 AI in Pop Culture

Timeline as an Introduction Depiction of Artificial Intelligence in Pop Culture Research Comms Podcast: Interview with AI expert, Dr Kanta Dihal Either listen to the podcast or read it. Pop Culture and AI: How Media Is Reshaping Public Perceptions Extract from a Book: „Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?“ In the following, you will analyze […]

Project Ideas

From the table below you can take ideas for the project you are supposed to do in the course. They are sorted by study program – of course you can also choose an idea that is not assigned to your study program. Your own project ideas are also welcome! Study Program Project Ideas Applied Computer […]

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