Instructions for Students

In module 5 you have several options:

1st Option

Pick a topic that is relevant to your course of study. Make sure that you add an aspect to the problem, e.g. an ethical or social aspect. 

Produce a (creative) text about it. 

You can also include digital Storytelling.

Choose one of the following possibilities. Produce 

a) a video (about 3-4 minutes)

b) a 360˚ video (around 3-4 minutes) 

c) or use an augmented reality program.

(You can record the 360˚ video depending on the topic e.g. at the university in the lab. Pay attention to privacy law issues). 360˚ videos can be recorded with newer smartphones or a 360˚ camera. You can borrow a 360˚ camera at Heilbronn University. 

These tutorials can help you with the task:

Free Augmented Reality Software:

2nd Option

a) Choose VR experiences that are relevant to your field of study.

 Use Oculus Go VR goggles or VR Cardboard goggles for this:

[your list of VR experiences with explanations]


b) Based on and inspired by the VR experience, create a written or spoken text using a digital tool of your choice or an image in VR. For example, for an image, use or one of these tools:

Be prepared to talk about it with your fellow students in the next synchronous session.

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