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Virtual Reality-Project + STEM Elective module Project work with VR: Digital storytelling / creative text production Possibilities: 1) Students shoot a 360° video (with 360° cameras or mobile phone) OR 2) Using VR glasses, students experience VR scenarios from their field of study Example for a VR scenario for environment and process engineers: The Stanford […]

Instructions for Students

In module 5 you have several options: 1st Option Pick a topic that is relevant to your course of study. Make sure that you add an aspect to the problem, e.g. an ethical or social aspect.  Produce a (creative) text about it.  You can also include digital Storytelling. Choose one of the following possibilities. Produce  a) a […]

Virtual Reality Tools

Recommendations for virtual reality apps in different areas and for different VR glasses are presented below. Socializing and Presentations Oculus Go: Oculus Quest 2: Cardboard: Technology, Natural Sciences & Computer Science Oculus Go: Cardboard: Learning Languages Oculus Go: Cardboard: Travelling / World Oculus Go: Cardboard: The apps mentioned can be found here:

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