Kategorie: Module 4


STEM + Telecollaboration/Collaborative Online Inter-Institutional Learning between HHN- and HSRT-Students Mandatory module Project-based learning either with a partner or in small groups via video conference (due to geographical distances) Duration: approx. 10 hours

Guide for Teachers

What is a Telecollaboration / Virtual Exchange? Which format is appropriate to use? To complete the project in 10 hours, it is a good idea to have students work in pairs or threes. Assign the students to different groups according to their interests and ask them to organize weekly online meetings using a video conferencing […]

Project Ideas

From the table below you can take ideas for the project you are supposed to do in the course. They are sorted by study program – of course you can also choose an idea that is not assigned to your study program. Your own project ideas are also welcome! Study Program Project Ideas Applied Computer […]

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